”Goodnight Starlight, I lay you to rest…”

 The screams echoed through the empty halls. Reverberations almost joyous as they sprang so quickly, thrashing themselves against the wall and bouncing amidst the fray. As soon as arriving at the final step on the stairs, seeing the open door almost taunting you with flashes of light from the very end of this unnerving walkway.

 ”Close your eyes, this peace may be best…”

 Shuffles sound through this hollow home as well. Almost as if a frightened animal was fighting for it’s life. They are hauntingly followed by loud THUDS!, and SLAMS! There was a feeling in the air reminiscent of a bad taste you have accommodated on your tongue many a time before.

 ”Dream a good dream, and smile like you used to.
 And I promise dear, I’ll smile for you…”

 This taste, what possibly could it be? And that moment was utterly terrifying, if it wasn’t of importance to stay on your feet and keep taking those small steps forward you would have dropped to your knees. For that taste…was blood. Not surprising sure, but it was not the surprise that hit you with such inertia. It was the sudden embodiment of all the fears that have been using your mind as a playground.

 ”I know this is the last time, I guide you to sleep.
 But please I ask you, please don’t weep…”

 Mustering up strength you force your legs to take large steps though disoriented you manage to keep your balance. Almost stumbling over your own feet intoxicated by this feeling, this feeling like you can’t find air to breathe. Suddenly you inhale and exhale quickly, your heart rate raises. almost falling you manage to gain balance and set your awkward footing again as the door is getting closer and closer. This horrible fate your convinced you will see is looming over you as if it were an orchestra droning a tune of utter dismay into your ears. as you finally see it and you can’t help but to try and say something but your too stunned to get a full word out it just comes out something like;


Jittering each little section out of your mouth each one harder then the other. Tears stream down your cheek your not sure if whats in front of you is possible. ‘Please be a dream!’ you repeat, and repeat, and repeat inside your head. You can’t look away though you want to, you want to run and fly from the balcony in hopes you’ll awake on your way to the floor. But this scene will not fade you blink and take it in again as if it’s deja vu.

 Seeing the rugged spine joints poking from this man’s back. Clothes torn and his body seems like it’s bruised and and scarred as if he were drug over rock and dirt before he got here. He looks frail and underfed hunched, shaking, and rocking back and forth in the corner. Crimson illuminated all around him accented by each strike of lightning that shed it’s light into the small room. Sounds of wheezing could be heard and something close to the noise of someone rummaging through something wet and thick. As you look to the most unnerving piece of this sick puzzle.

 This man’s arm buried within something in his lap. And from his lap laying pale and still other then sudden jolts and twitches is a small arm and draping over it is thick silky brown hair. These things so familiar. That hand you have held too many times whether it was to guide or to comfort. That hair you have brushed from a crying face so many times attempting to uncover a smile. That smile it seems so far away as you look now the only look you see is one of wide eyes staring at you afraid. The look you never thought you would ever see upon the face of a child, especially not your child. As a loud CRACK!, and a RIP! You watch reaching out as that small body makes a large jolt and lays horridly still and that look stains the small girl’s face never to change. And his neck cricks as he slowly turns it towards you. He smiles and opens his mouth to speak.

 ”Your heart is mine now, forever to keep
 I will treat it right, and hold it oh so tight.
 So sing with me, one last time.
 Goodnight Starlight. Goodnight…”

                                         PRELUDE END


 It was a cold winter’s night. The streets were mostly clear except the slosh that covered it’s ashy dark surface, and the occasional car out at late hours for some reason. As they drove by and sent liquid splashing to the sidewalk grasping onto the concrete as if that would save it’s life almost like this liquid was living. Couldn’t help but let my mind race, thinking of how it seemed I was watching some event I’ve seen before played out through this cold water. Like as if I knew these drops….as if I was one of these drops. And my docile waiting was interrupted abruptly by the unexpected sound of tires sliding recklessly over these streets. Sounds shrouded by screams and the bright lights being replaced for thoughts of why someone was out so late. Suddenly clamping my shirt tightly over my chest like the feeling my heart stopped. Why was this happening? Who were these drops? Where did these thoughts come from? Are they memories? Why do they affect me so!? Are they mine!? Wait, WHO AM I THOUGH!? HOW DID I GET HERE!? AND WHY!…Why would someone be out so late? I stopped myself though as lights flooded into my vision draining out the darkness and trapping it away from me. Banishing it’s tendrils away. Looking up I notice a city bus has stopped in front of me, and with a loud sound almost like someone loudly exhaling accompanied by ear splitting squeak, it made me shutter as the double doors to the bus open and a man sits ahead of me at the top of the stairs. This man was drowned in a luminescent white, I couldn’t see his face except the smile stretched above his chin. He said nothing so I was so bold as to say something and break the silence “Is this the bus that will take me home?”………………


Vsauce is amazing and this study they have put to the test is unbelievable to see. But amazing to comprehend the reality of this situation.


Will We Ever Run Out of New Music?  

Is it just us, or have we already run out? 

Source: youtube.com

Can we escape the floods
echoing and lapping at our feet,
angsty and drying in the rusty heat.
The dust swirls in a circle, picking
up the people one by one
drifting farther than the rum
or delirium, can take you.
Follow sweetly cause that
feeling never gets old, the
flying finger tantalizes the nose.
Carry me away from these woes.
Carry me away from these woes.
But the bottle is empty, like me.
From head to toe, soaking in this low.

I’m tired of the vanity and ego,
the thought of wherever he go, we go.
Following fake dreams and faker people
prophets of the never real. Sliding in and out
slowly in their loose skin, thinking,
that their false advertising movements might break it in.
Cold, and her very face was niveous as the very frigid melanic beauty that she encompassed. The very souls she touched left melancholy and deprived in her icy wake. Leaving nothing but a bounty of snow to be seen. The beautiful…Ice Queen.

There was a still night,
A boy alone in the corner,
The dark was the light,
And the boy was the foreigner,
Along came a willows weeping eyes,
To go splash in the night,
Like a painting gone wrong,
For it’s artist had no pencil.
Nor plight.
The eyes flashed along, and looked upon,
The boy with no smile and asked;

 ”Is something wrong?”

The boy did not stand nor dance,
But kept to himself in his wallowy trance,
"Hmm not a shudder or a tear
No screams or shouts blubbered with fear!?”
The Boy sat quiet and calm
Like if the the ocean was in his ear.
"BOY!, you grow on my last little nerve
I came here to hear but your acting absurd,
A wish you did want but a wish you won’t get
If you don’t start talking I’m gonna split”.
The boy still and solid as slate,
And as the eyes began to leave the boy yelled out “WAIT!”
The boy summoned strength from one big breathe,
To let out these words he hoped he could get…

"Wish I may Wish I might
Learn what it’s like to sleep at night,
Tucked in warm with a blanket so tight,
And a pillow so soft to make it all feel right
But this wish I have wished far too many times
And been let down let down every time I try”

The willow wise as he was smiled and
smirked and replied as he does.
"Boy, I’m glad you spoke soon
For you see this wish is one I can do”
So as he was layed down so gently,
And draped the blanket over him whole,
Tucked him right in to keep out the cold,
This boy was happy and never would he know,
He would no longer struggle for his blood did not flow,
So as the many did cry the boy he could sleep,
And he lived happily ever after by their saddening final beep…


Oh the sweet sweet sound of the elementary operation, striking the strings and feeling the ring. Reverb and resonance it all takes me back and forward at the same time, sticking in my head and making my bed where I Will die a happy man. Rhythm clutched in my hand.

Take my life if you need it,
But leave my breathe anew,
Springing from the fires,
Spewing from behind you,
Behind your eyes lies only lies,
Until the day you realize,
Behind every breathe,
There is new life.

A Tragedy recently, secretly finding,
A new host,
For your hoax,
Pull the blanket and and fool the wool over my eyes,

Are you sinking into me, slowly hating,
The feeling,
And the support,
Choke me no more!

See I won’t look for love
As long as it promises not to me find me!